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When you put scattered data and information in one place,
work-related communications become faster and more efficient.
How to collaborate with colleagues using Agit

Agit has already started changing the work culture of 31,857 companies.

Chronologically archived work history

All work information saved in Agit are the organization's work history and work guide by itself.
Information sharing by topic - Group
When you create groups by project or organization, up-to-date information can be shared with everyone by simply writing a post. Ideas and files exchanged via the Comments field are left as work history and can be used as a reference at any time.
Convenient information sharing and fast feedback
You can deliver information more quickly by properly using the four types of mentions when writing a post in your group. The real-time notification center will also help you achieve fast feedback and decision-making.
Chat, voice call and video call in one place
You can chat in real time or use the voice or video call with an Agit member even if you don't have the contact number. Use Agit for work communications anytime anywhere.

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The Admin Page lets you manage Agit directly.

Agit provides the Admin Page which lets you manage various features related to Agit members, groups and teams based on the specific needs of your company.
Unlimited storage
Agit has no limit on the number of users, storage and download period. All posts and comments uploaded by Agit members are the valuable assets and basis of the work culture of your company.
Streamline communication channels
The more communication channels there are to coordinate work, the greater information gap among members. Take the first step in streamlining internal communication by integrating scattered communication channels into Agit.
The best way to improve the work culture
The best way to share the direction of the company with employees and reinforce initiatives is to use Agit.

Implement enhanced security settings with Premium Agit

If you want to control information accumulated in Agit more tightly, upgrade to Premium Agit now!
Personalized Image Watermark
Apply the ID of the Agit member viewing the image as a watermark to prevent illegal data leakage.
Organizational Chart Management
The organizational chart menu and the administrator features to display the hierarchy in the organizational chart.
Allowed IP Management
Register and manage IP addresses for which access to Agit is allowed from mobile and desktop devices.
Guest Permission
A new member type with limited permissions in terms of Agit group creation and information viewing
Mobile Download Restriction
Restrict the file download feature of a mobile app to prevent information leakage through personal devices.
Banned Words
The administrators can select banned word types in advance to prevent users from uploading posts containing banned words.
Single Sign-On
Manage Agit login more safely by connecting individual intranet authentication systems using SAML 2.0 SSO Protocol.
Backup for accumulated Agit data
Back up accumulated data in public groups and Agit member/group information in JSON format.
Admin API
Connect the Agit admin API to the in-house system to manage members and teams.

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